The Lindsley's

2007 Quilts


These are pictures of the quilts I made in 2007.  If you select a picture, you will get a larger picture.  These should open in a new window.

Bear square.jpg

blue & white close.jpg

blue & white corner.jpg

blue & white square 2.jpg

blue & white square.jpg

Blue star.jpg

Bunny square.jpg

cars 2.jpg

cars 3.jpg

cars cars.jpg

cars corner 1.jpg

cars detail.jpg

Center star white.jpg

Center star.jpg

Duck square.jpg

Frog square.jpg

Kitty square.jpg

Pet back label.jpg

Pets quilt 1.jpg

Pets quilt 2.jpg

Puppy square.jpg

snowman 1.jpg

snowman center.jpg

snowman end 2.jpg

snowman end.jpg

snowman face.jpg

Star runner border 2.jpg

Star runner border close.jpg

Star runner border.jpg

Star runners 1.jpg

Star runners 2.jpg

Star runners 3.jpg

Stash Management 1.jpg

Stash Management 2.jpg

Stash Management back.jpg

Stash Management center.jpg

Stash Management close.jpg

Sunset quilt 1.jpg

sunset quilt 2.jpg

sunset quilt 3.jpg

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