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2011 Quilts

These are the quilts I made in 2011.  Not as many as last year - see what having a job does! Many are quilts I made for the Quilts for Kids project.  A good charity and is fun to do.  Clicking on a picture will open a new page with a larger picture to get a better view.

Bargello Peppers quilt

Bargello Peppers quilt 2

Bargello Peppers borders

Bargello Peppers borders 2

Bargello Peppers center

Bargello Peppers square

Carousel Quilt - Quilts for Kids

Carousel Quilt 2

Carousel Quilt 4 patch

Carousel Quilt borders

Carousel Quilt detail

Carousel Quilt plain block

Carousel Horses quilt - Quilt for Kids

Carousel Horses block

Carousel Horses borders

Carousel Horses detail

Flaming Skulls quilt - Quilt for Kids

Flaming Skulls quilt blocks

Flaming Skulls quilt borders

Flaming Skulls quilt plain block

Flaming Skulls quilt star block

Hearts & Bunnies quilt - Quilt for Kids

Hearts & Bunnies quilt squares

Hearts & Bunnies - heart squares

Hearts & Bunnies heart squares 2

Hearts & Bunnies plain block detail

Hearts & Bunnies borders

Hearts & Bunnies border detail

Here Fishy Fishy quilt - Quilt for Kids

Here Fishy Fishy blocks

Here Fishy Fishy block detail

Here Fishy Fishy borders

Noah's Pinwheels - Quilt for Kids

Noah's Pinwheels squares

Noah's Pinwheels squares 2


Noah's Pinwheels block detail

Noah's Pinwheels borders

Pieced Flowers wall hangings

Pieced Flowers 1

Pieced Flowers 2

Page 2 2011 Quilts

Page 3 2011 Quilts

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