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1933 Vicky

We got an opportunity to buy this 1933 Vicky.  Terry was ecstatic - especially since we picked it up on his birthday!  It is a fiberglass car so not a 'real' one, but a reproduction.  But, it DOES have a Ford motor, transmission, and frame.  Most people put a Chevy motor inside.

When we got the car, it was sill in primer and gelcoat.  While it looked OK, I wanted to get it painted.

I picked the color - a deep red pearl.  It's more maroon than it looks here.

We took it to MAACO (yup!) to get it painted.  They did a great job for the price. We didn't want to spend a lot - we want to DRIVE it.

We went to a campout with the tear drop and there was a replica old time gas station - fit the car and trailer perfectly!

We are having a great time driving this.


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