The Lindsleys


Pastel Pineapple

This is a Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day pattern - but it takes more than a day to piece.  It measures about 49" x 60". I used pastels in batiks and tone on tones for this in pink, yellow, blue and purple, going from light in the middle to dark on the outside of the pineapple block.  There is a 1" black border, a 1" pieces border of the fabrics from the blocks in there randomly, and a 5" black outer border.  

I stitched curls in the outer border and waves / wiggly lines in the piece border, then waves / wiggly lines in the pastel pineapples and concentric ovals in the square, which look like butterflies.  I used a pastel variegated thread for it all. I left the small black border and the black background unquilted.

Block and border


Block detail







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