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A Quilting We will Go

This was a fun quilt to do.  As part of the Row by Row shop hop that quilt shops did all over the country, many shops offered license plates as well as the row patterns.  I decided to get some and enlisted some family to help.  I collected 8 from Oregon.  Denine collected and sent me 2 from Michigan. My sisters Judy and Donna collected one each from Connecticut. and my sister-in-law Julia collected 16 from Massachusetts!! (She and I traded plates and patterns - I sent her the 8 from Oregon.  Then at Sew Expo, I found 8 more from Washington. I had 36 plates!  Now - what to do with them?

I found a pattern at a local quilt shop called Sweet Ride - and they had swapped out some cars for the plates.  Perfect!  But I decided to make the block above the 'road' a blue / sky pattern and below the 'road' grass.  I also added a border to put the rest of the plates on.  I have some license plate print that I used for the corners of the borders and a 'map' print that I used for corners of the inner section instead of more cars / plates.  The plates and cars are appliquéd on.  Each car is a different color, though they have the same tires and chrome bumpers. The finished quilt is 67" x 75" -too big for my car (where I was going to use it).  

I outline stitched around each car and plate (off white in the blocks and black in the borders). I did some horizontal  wiggly / wavy stitching with the off-white to be clouds / sky and vertical wavy with a variegated green to be grass. I  did black wiggly in the border.

Full quilt (poor photo)

Some rows and border

More detail look at the rows

Border and corners.

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