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Antique Sewing Machines!

I've been collecting old and antique sewing machines.  I have 9 antique / older machines so far;  one still needs cleaning up so is not pictured here (yet). And there is always room for more!  These don't work, but make a great display.

These are a 1919 Singer Treadle machine and a 1930's (? - we aren't really sure) electric machine.  Terry made me the cabinets and cleaned and repaired the machines for me for Christmas several years ago.  

To see more detail on the 1919 Antique Singer - select this: 1919 Singer Treadle To see more detail on the Kingston machine - select this: 1930's (?) Kingston Machine

I then got a 1900 Singer that is a treadle, but I only have the head.  Then, for Christmas 2007, Terry found this 1947 Domestic sewing machine, in the cabinet.

To see more detail on the 1900 Antique Singer - select this:  1900 Singer

To see more detail on the 1947 Domestic machine - select this:  1947 Domestic

In 2011, we found the 1925 Singer at a swap meet in Bend, OR, so it followed me home.  We were there camping, so putting it in the trailer, with the cabinet, was fun!  Then, in 2012, I found the 1920 Singer in a 2nd hand store in Estacada, OR.  So, it too had to come home.  

To see more detail on the 1925 Singer - select this: 1925 Singer

To see more detail on the 1920 Singer - select this: 1920 Singer

A camping / vintage trailer friend knew I collected sewing machines and gave me these two from their barn!  I'm not sure of the year, but I think they are 50's machines;  both are made in Japan which was common in the 1950's. And, as was common then, they are cool colors (not black).

To see more pictures - select Modern Age sewing machine

To see more pictures of this machine - select Vogue Deluxe machine



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