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1919 Singer Sewing Machine

I found this machine at a barn sale several years ago, for about $30.  The machine was very dirty, the belt was rotten, and the cabinet was peeling apart.  Terry cleaned and fixed it, got it working, and made the cabinet for me.  It is not the original cabinet style, but still fits it perfectly.  According to Singer archives, this machine was made December 24, 1919 in Elizabethtown, NJ.  It still looks good!

This is a picture of the machine and cabinet Terry made.  He repainted the treadle, including repainting with gold paint the Singer name and details on the sides of the treadle. This is a picture of the machine with a quilt I made for Terry (Buzz Saw)  I am using it and the Kingston machine to display some quilts.  I have too many quilts and need someplace to put them!
These are some close-ups of the machine so you can see the detail. As you can see, the paint is still in excellent condition and the ornateness is still there.


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