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Trip to California

We decided to take a trip to California to see Derek, Jenn & Caiden.  We took our trailer; it was our first major trip with the trailer.  We decided to tale the LONG way.  We crossed over to the Oregon coast at the southern end of Oregon, and then went down Hwy 1 to San Francisco and then Hwy 101.  The way back, we came up by the Sierras.

This is the view of the Northern California coast.

We went through the redwoods - they are very impressive.  This picture doesn't show the full size of them.

The picture on the left is a redwood grove.  They soar very high in the air.  Above, we pose by a huge tree.

Terry measuring the tree. 

Going through the mountains we came upon this elk herd grazing on the side of the road, in a teeny town.  Guess they didn't read the sign that the elk viewing area was about 1/2 mile ahead.

The California coast after the redwoods - still north of San Francisco

More coast - the water was various colors - from light blue to teal to green

We got stopped for over an hour here for 'road construction' in the middle of nowhere.  You can see the line of cars ahead of us.

A view of the Golden Gate bridge from the car window.  We didn't know until we got there that it was a toll bridge.  So -- how much could the toll be, we think? The bridge has been there a long time, after all.   We don't carry a lot of cash, so we got to the toll booth with $5.30!  (Toll is $9 for car & trailer!) No - they don't take debit cards. The toll taker saw we were from Oregon, and let us through, taking  everything we had in cash and told us to do something nice for someone else!  How nice. 

A view of Oakland and Alcatraz from the car window.



The southern California coast.  Those are oil derricks out at sea.

Our truck and camper on the southern California coast.  We stopped for lunch here.

A view of the high desert on the way back.

A view of the California Sierras and Mt Whitney (on the right)


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