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1956 Aloha Trailer

Terry loves rebuilding trailers.  After the 2 teardrops, he decided he wanted to build something a little bigger.  This is a 'Canned ham' trailer, called that because it looks like a canned ham.  We bought a 1956 Aloha Trailer that he is completely rebuilding, from the frame up.

This is what the trailer looked like when he brought it home.

The trailer looks better here than it really was.  It kind of collapsed on the way home.


Pictures of the original inside.  The floor was rotten, and the walls weren't in good shape either.

The trailer ended up collapsing once it was off the flatbed trailer we brought it home in.  This is with the aluminum siding off. 

Terry took the original frame, sanded and cleaned it all up, and repainted it.  

He built a new wood frame for the trailer.  Here's the new infrastructure - much better than the original!

We now have a new inside up.  He's framed for the windows and door.  We made the door a bit wider than the original 18". 

The inside is paneling.  He's mocked up the kitchen area - a refrigerator, microwave, stove and sink.  The bench will have a drop down table in front for eating, and opens for storage. 


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