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More Canned Ham trailer pictures

We've got the trailer finished, and have taken it out.  The first trip was a campout of vintage trailers at the end of June.  The biggest trip was a week long trip through California to see Derek, Jen & Caiden.  We went the LONG way - via Hwy 1 and Hwy 101.  An adventure!

The trailer before the California trip.  Since then, Terry's painted the door and added more trim updates.  It is a whopping 11' long and 6 1/2' wide.  

Front view - with the curtains up

Back & side view

The trailer license plate is OH Phun.  That's because the teardrop was 2 Phun, the 33 Vicky is HR Phun (our fun) and my car is So Phun.  We have a theme going on. 

The sleeping section.  It's at the rear, or to the left when you go in the door.  The bed is a double - bigger than the teardrop's!


We have storage under the bed that goes all the way back.  We fit our suitcases, and plastic tubs.  The suitcases are vintage looking one that fit right in with the age.  The back window doesn't open - so we need the fan when it's warm out.

Directly across from the entry, part of the kitchen.  There is a pantry on the left, that holds a surprising amount of stuff, a real refrigerator / freezer  (not a camper one), and microwave.


The front bench.  The seat cushion lifts up for more storage under the seat.  There is a small table that fits on the piece on the right.  It's just big enough for us both to eat at.

The rest of the kitchen.  Next to the refrigerator is a 3 burner stove (there's a wooden cover on it in this picture) and a deep sink.  The sink is a bar sink - perfect size for the trailer.

The front side windows open for air.  The bench is to the right of the door when you come in.


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