The Lindsleys


Colored Pencils

After doing the Night Flowers quilt, I had a lot of leftover fabric.  I thought it would make a great colored pencil quilt.  Since Whitney likes art, I made it for her.  The quilt measures 54" x 56".  There are 28 colored pencils, each measures 2" wide, and 22 1/2" tall. I laid them out in a dark to light, color range.  There's sashing of 1 1/2" between each, plus a 4" border.  I did a meander in the borders and between the pencils.  I did straight lines in the pencils to give definition.  The pencil tips are paper pieced.  The pattern was from Connecting Threads, but I would NOT recommend it.  Besides being overpriced for a download pattern, the directions were horrible.  




Close up of reds / pinks / orange

 Close up of oranges / purple


Close up of yellows / greens

Close up of teals / blues




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