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Derek family

Since my position was eliminated, it seemed like a good time to go visit Caiden!  We went down to LA for a few days, going along the California coast with our trailer.  (See trip pictures here.)

Terry gave Caiden 'face hugs' all the time.  Caiden loved it and would come over, pick up Grandpa's hand and put it on his face. 

Grandpa and Caiden 

It was over 100 when we were there, so we had to visit the pool. Grandpa  & Caiden had a good time.  (That's Caiden's hat that Terry is wearing.)


Jenn and Caiden relaxing at the pool

Dillon was much more active than this, but very well behaved.

Grandpa, Grandma, Dad & Caiden

Grandpa, Grandma and Caiden



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