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Kingston Sewing Machine

Denine got this machine for me at a yard sale for $20-25.  We really don't know much about it as the manufacturer is no longer in business.  The name plate says Kinston Sewing Machine Company, Detroit, Michigan.  The attached motor, which looks to be like it was retrofitted on, says Champion Motor.  We are guessing it may be early to mid-1930's, though don't know.  It also appears to once have been a treadle, but converted to an electric model.  

Terry made the table to hold this machine - and it does work!  When Denine got it, it was in a case that appeared to be about 1950-60 and was clearly not the right one. I am using the machines to display quilts - this is the Flag quilt I made earlier this year.
Here are close-up pictures of the Kingston machine. You can see that even though the machine is a bit newer than the Singer, most of the embellishment paint is gone. This machine is a much simpler design, more streamlined I guess, than the Singer.  At the far right is where it appears the belt would go for a treadle.  You can see the motor in the back, it's added on, not part of the machine.


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