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Labyrinth Walk

Terry saw this pattern on one of my Facebook groups and asked me to make it for him.  The pattern is called Labyrinth Walk - and it is really fun!  It does look 3D thanks to the fabric choices.  It is only 9 blocks, made of 4 fabrics.  The quilt measures 83 1/2" square.

There are 5 blocks (corners and center) that are made of 29 pieces each and are fairly easy.  The other 4 blocks have 66 pieces each and are much more complicated!  There is also a 6" black border - you will note that the upper right and lower left corners are cut off which helps make it more 3D looking.

I meandered in the black and grays with Omni black / gray variegate thread.  I did pebbles (closely done circles of varying sizes) in the 3/4" white pieces with white thread and spirals in black in the black borders. The colors are gray and black - I took some photos outside and the sun/shade gave it a bluish hue. 

Taken outside on the grass, but looks bluish

Outside photo

Outside photo

These are the true colors of the quilt

True colors

Terry asked for an eagle in the lower right block - it's lost in the maze

This block has 66 pieces


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