The Lindsleys'



New House

We've sold our house in Molalla in September and bought this one .  It's a little smaller, and the yard is a lot smaller, only 1/3 acre instead of the two acres  It is a brand new house.  The builder is put a shop on it too, and paved the drive to the shop and in front of it too.  These were all taken before we moved in.

Clicking on a picture should get you a bigger view.

front left - the shop will go in the back

house front

side and front


back - the shop will go here where the gravel is

entry way - stairs on the left, living room straight ahead

dining room - on the right from the entry

1/2 bath, next to the dining room


kitchen - door goes to dining room

living room from nook

living room

office / nook off kitchen

master bedroom

master bath and walk in closet

master bath sinks; shower in the mirror

guest room 1

guest room 2

sewing room

sewing room

alcove on sewing room

upstairs bath