The Lindsleys'



2006 Tear Drop

We sold our first tear drop, because Terry wanted to build another. He had ideas that he wanted to put in a new one.  He now is starting a business to make custom tear drop trailers (2 Phun Enterprises) so in case you want one, you'll know where to come. 

This tear drop is still the 4' x 8' classic design.  The sleeping compartment is 2 inches longer than the first one, making it 6'2" inside.  We didn't put a microwave in it this time either. 

We put 1939 reproduction Ford fenders on it and 15" tires and wheels.  The windows are portholes - real ones  Terry made the outside frames out of English oak.

The inside is wallpapered with a green and dark red marble on an off white.

Curtains, pillows, and quilt have to match the decor, of course.

The galley has the cooler (which he has now repainted to match) and stove that slide out, plus drawers

We have a couple of shelves for storage, the cabinets have a custom silverware drawer, small 'junk' drawer, and cabinets for dishes.  I carry real dishes, glasses, and silverware. 


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