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Night Flowers


The pattern for this is called Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts.  However, I think it looks more like flowers, so I am calling mine Night Flowers.  The quilt doesn't look at complicated as it is - it has 1,512 pieces!! It took me one full day just to get them cut out.  It has 7 colorways, with 4 shades of each color, for 28 different colors plus the black.  I made this a bit between the twin and queen.  The twin had 6 colorways with 1 1/2" black pieces, and the queen / king had 7 colorways with 2 1/2" or 3" black pieces.  I did 7 colorways with 1 1/2" black.  There are 42 blocks of 4 shades each.  The quilt measures 89" from point to point, or 82" without the points, and 81" wide.  I used embroidery thread in matching colors for the quilting, and stitched curves from the centers to the points, and a spiral in the center.  (Embroidery thread was NOT a good choice as it shredded and frayed a ton.) The blocks measure about 15" from point to point.


Closer look

Block detail


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