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Sewing Room

With the move to this house, my sewing room has significantly decreased in size.  They just don't make homes with 600 square foot rooms anymore!  My sewing room is still a good size room;  it is the bonus room over the garage.  When we moved in, we had the builder remove the carpet and install vinyl flooring.  It is wood patterned, and very comfortable.  They thought I was a bit nuts.... and you know I probably am, but it works so much nicer for sewing.  I put my quilt frame in one of the guest rooms - just not enough room in here!

My sewing room is upstairs, so I really have the whole upstairs.  since I didn't have room for all my sewing books, Terry built me some shelves that are just outside the door to hold them.

I put my antique / old machines in the walkway between the sewing room and the guest rooms and bathroom.  I draped quilts over each.

From the entry door, looking in to the room.  The big window at the end lets in a lot of light.  My main machines (sewing machine, serger, coverstitch) are set up along the wall there, with the quilt machine on the right.

Looking at the room from the machine side.  Each side has shelves for fabrics;  looking this way, on the right is my garment fabrics and the left is my quilt fabrics.  

My 4 x 8 cutting table takes up a lot of the center of the room, but makes it easy to work.  Underneath is shelves for interfacing, linings, elastics, tubs of ribbons and trims, and other miscellaneous stuff.  We built all the shelves around the side.  On the left is my ironing center.  

Thread is one of my downfalls.  Terry put up all my thread racks along one wall.  You can see my serger (1/2 on the left), coverstitch machine, quilt machine, and embroidery machine.  Underneath are shelves for patterns.

My ironing center and the alcove.  My chaise lounge fits perfectly in the alcove, with some sewing related wall hangings, and a small table.  The ironing board is in front.  And unfortunately, I often end up with a pile of ironing on the chaise! 


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