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Silver Streak - done!

We (well, Terry) FINALLY completed the Silver Streak trailer!  There was a lot to be done.  Completely gutted the interior, put in all new wiring, new plumbing, refaced the cabinets, built some more, built the beds and the dinette, everything's new.  We are really liking it!  I'm liking the instant hot water heater and the shower and toilet!  The outside's been cleaned up, but it's old looking still.

The kitchen area.  Like new stove, wine cooler under the drawer, sink and lots of cabinets.  The drawer on the far left pulls out for trash and recycling.  

The dinette.  Bench on 3 sides and a round table that swivels and has a drop leaf.  Makes it easy to get in and gives more room for working.

More kitchen view.  The stove top has a cover that folds up so there's more working room.  Hood and fan over the stove.  

Across from the kitchen - turn around from the sink - is the appliances.  Small refrigerator with separate freezer and microwave.  On top is a bread box cabinet and next to it is a pantry.  Really deep so store lots of stuff! And you can see the TV, on a swing arm, which is at the end of Terry's bed.

The sleeping area.  We wanted a double bed, but the wheel wells were in the way, so it had to be twins.  The one on the left is Terry's and the one on the right is Diana's.  Under Terry's bed are drawers for lots of storage.  Diana sleeps over the water tanks.  

Looking down the length of the trailer.  The floor is great!  It's called African Dark Wood and is a vinyl plank flooring that looks and feels like wood.  But easy to clean!

You can's see well, but above the beds are cabinets that hold a lot.  Plenty of storage in here!

Bathroom.  Surprisingly roomy for a trailer.  On the right is a linen cabinet with the electrical panel.  Terry's since put in a nightlight and switch in those holes.  

Small shower on the right but big enough!  We have a small closet right in front with a curtain that slides to give privacy.



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