The Lindsleys'



Tear Drop 2

The sleeping quarters of the trailer are pretty small, but amazingly comfortable.  The bed is 4 x 6 foot.  Then we have a great kitchenette!  The back opens to reveal a little kitchenette.


The kitchen has a camp stove and cooler on pull out drawers. There is a pull out drawer below the stove for pots, pans and other stuff.  There is a cabinet for dishes, and some small drawers above the shelf for silverware and other small things.  He even made another small shelf with decorative trim to hold containers and put in a paper towel holder.  You can barely see in the photos above and to the right, on the shelf above the camp stove - a microwave! Yup - he wired it for power!

Below are the sleeping quarters, with a little battery light.  At the foot is a shelf for clothes, or the portable DVD player.  We travel in style!


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